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Historical Chinese anthems

Historical Chinese Anthems are a number of official and unofficial national anthems composed during the early 20th century. Today, there are only two remaining:
:Republic of China - ""
:People's Republic of China - "The March of the Volunteers"

"Tune of Li Zhongtang"


For purposes of diplomatic missions to Western Europe and Russia, Li Hongzhang employed in 1896 political lyrics combined with classical Chinese music -- later known as "The Tune of Li Zhongtang" .



五色雲車�br />

"Praise the Dragon Flag"


After the Department of Army was established in 1906, it became the army song, and had been played at formal occasions overseas.

?兆 usually means one trillion , but it could mean one million , and should have that value here in the song for factual accuracy. See Chinese numerals for details.

"The Cup of Solid Gold"

The first and only official national anthem of the Qing Empire lived less than a month when the Wuchang Uprising occurred in 1911. It is in Classical Chinese. However, the Republic of China denies that "The Cup of Solid Gold" was ever a national anthem.

1912 Draft


After the establishment of the provisional government in Nanjing, the Ministry of Education under Cai Yuanpei asked the public for possible anthem , and the one whose lyrics was written by Shen Enyun and music by Shen Pengnian was released as a draft in the newspaper.

"How Great is Our China!"


Also called "Patriotic Song" , "How Great is Our China!" has lyrics written by Liang Qichao and music by overseas Chinese in Datong School , Yokohama. Released in 1912, it was widespread especially among students.

"China Heroically Stands in the Universe"


After Yuan Shikai took over China, his Ritual Regulations Office issued the new official anthem "China heroically stands in the Universe" on June 1915. Its lyrics were written by Yin Chang and music by Wang Lu .

"The Song to the Auspicious Cloud"


This song has two versions, one is used in 1913 while another in 1920

First version of The Song to the Auspicious Cloud

In Apr.8th, 1913, the national anthem used in opening ceremony of the 1st regular council, the last line is added by Wang Baorong , others lines are from '''', and set to music by Jeans Hautstont.

Second Version of The Song to the Auspicious Cloud

In November 1919, Tuan Chi-jui established the National Anthem Research Committee , which adopted:
* The lyrics by Zhang Taiyan from the "The Song to the Auspicious Cloud" from ''''
* The music by a Beijinger professor, Xiao Youmei .
The anthem was released in July 1921 by the Department of National Affairs .

?糺 is sometimes written as 糾 or 織

The "Revolution of the Citizens" Song


Written by officers of the Whampoa Military Academy, The "Revolution of the Citizens" Song , sung to the tune of "''Frère Jacques'' ," was released on July 1, 1926.

The Internationale

When the Chinese Soviet Republic was established in 1931, was decided to be its national anthem, since it followed the ideals of Communism, especially the Soviet Union.

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